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Support our Store, Support our Youth!

St. Charles Furniture & Thrift store provides a unique component to St. Charles’ youth employment programs. Youth in the retail and customer service track gain real life experience and training working hands on in the store. Youth practice essential skills needed for life-long employment. They help secure donations, clean, sort, and price items, and work with customers at all point of interaction with the store such as phone calls, customer service and working the register. All proceeds raised through the thrift store go directly back in to our youth employment programs so that St. Charles can continue teaching lifelong skills to young people in the community.

St. Charles has two employment programs for young people looking to prepare for their first job, YES and BEST. YES (Youth Employment Services) is a four month, customized employment service designed to meet the needs of each participant seeking to enter the work force. Our on-the-job training component provides the extra support and time needed for participants to practice hard and soft skills required for various part-time, entry level jobs. The program includes hands-on paid training in industry specific tracks like custodial and retail and customer service. Youth then work with our employment coach to find employment in the community. BEST (Basic Employment Skills and Training) has a similar curriculum to YES but is one month in length and participants must reside in northwest Milwaukee County in one of the following zip codes: 53206, 53209, 53210, 53216, 53218, 53222, 53223, 53224, and 53225.

St. Charles Furniture & Thrift store accepts donations of clothing, household items, and home and office furniture. To learn more about how to donate items to St. Charles, click here.

“The most helpful part of the YES services is the step by step direction.” – YES participant, Fall 2018

“The mock interviews were the most helpful and helped take the weight off my shoulders.” – BEST participant, Fall 2018